The lights went down, the sound went up. She turned to him and said, “PLS DNT STP”.The strobe lights were so blinding. They almost forgot how they met. It was the last song of the night. The last chance to dance. He turned to her and said, “PLS DNT STP”.

PLS DNT STP has been making waves in the dubstep and bassline community with releases and remixes for Ultra Records, Ministry of Sound, Designer Drugs, Unruly Records, Your Dirty Habit, Owl Vision, and LU20 Records. Their first splash was in early 2011 with a remix for Ultra Records of Designer Drugs’ smash hit “Through The Prism”. Since then it’s been a non stop hustle. Look for their latest release on Designer Drugs’ SEX CULT Records, “Digital Drugs”, as well as their “For All We Know Remix”, also for Designer Drugs, out now on Ultra. As for the future, watch out for their collab “Do It Again” on the upcoming Designer Drugs album,as well as a collab remix on Dim Mak Records, also with DD.